21 Days of Joy- Day 1

Hello loves! 

So I've decided to jump right in with the 21 Days of Joy. For me, this is not just about finding joy but also a journey of self love and connection. It is so important that we honor ourselves, because I believe that honoring ourselves is a form of worship to the creator. When I think about Allah (God), I think about the reverence that he actually had for human beings. So much so that after He created Adam (pbuh) He commanded the angels and Iblis (Satan before he was Satan) to prostrate before them. Now just think about that for a minute....

Before I go any farther, let me be clear; I understand that we could never truly understand fully God's purpose and reasoning for moving the way that He does, but in my mind that is amazing! He knew that person (Adam) that He created was special. So much so that when Satan challenged Him saying that he would come from the front, the back,the left and the right to misguide people, God's response was that He will forgive those who seek sincere repentance. That just makes my heart smile, like seriously that is the ultimate confidence in His creation so why wouldn't you honor yourself? If God the creator of the heavens and the earth, the one who controls everything to providing provision for you to pay your light bill all the way down to the ants eating when necessary thought enough of you...why don't you? 

I was watching a TedTalk recently by Mel Robbins, and she referenced a study where scientist have studied the probability of you being born at the exact time that you did was 1 in 400 Trillion! Now girl, that totally stunned me. I mean I kind of think I'm awesome, and if you're reading this you're probably awesome too but 1 in 400 Trillion awesome? I remind myself of that when I'm having a difficult day, or pushing past a self imposed limitation. I'm like chick, chill you're 1 in 400 Trillion and even better than that God created you for this time and space. I just love that, and the more that I think about it I want to honor that. You should too.....because we're dope! 

Day 1 = Honor yourself! 

Got it? 

If you want to check out that TedTalk with Mel Robbins, which I highly recommend :) Click Here! 

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Until next time loves, 


Asya B.

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