21 Days of Joy- Gratitude is lit!

Hi loves! 

I'm back! It's been a few days, but I'm still going strong on the 21 days of joy. I have to admit that when I first embarked on this journey, I thought it was going to be cute. You know, finding the things that I enjoy, getting new nail polish, meditate a little, having a good meal and "wallah" I found joy. Now that sounds all good, but boy was I in for a surprise. 

I did have some fun, a good meal, and even found some new nail polish, but also I have had overwhelming lessons of gratitude, humility, leadership, and worship...Not what I expected at all! Now I'm not complaining because all of those lessons are important and I have actually enjoyed the reminders but the one that inspired this post is gratitude.

Allah (God) says it best in the Quran when He asks,"Which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?"

I really had to think about that. Prior to this encounter, I thought of myself as a pretty grateful person, but I actually began to think of the things I overlook.The small things to me like having indoor plumbing, gas to get to work, or the ability and resources to buy bottled spring water, I was humbled. I started to look of things differently. "Am I grateful? Am I denying the favors of my Lord?" I had to ask myself. I certainly would hope not, and I am grateful for the awareness and correction so, I took a step back and began to really think of all of the favors I experience every day and I say thank you Lord! Now here's the thing, I am so passionate about God is precisely for this reason...He is God, the creator of all and worthy of gratitude for every breath I take and He guided me on this journey to find "joy." Then, He even took it a step further to teach me is that one of the keys to finding joy is being grateful for what I am already blessed with. I just love that, the gentle reminders, and grace in that just softens my heart. It actually, makes me want to find more ways to be grateful! 

So lets do it, to start my practice I decided to consciously try to embrace gratitude throughout the day, in words, writing, and prayer. Will you join me?  

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